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  • How long does a wedding ceremony take?
    Your ceremony can be as short as 10 minutes or much longer if you prefer, but most go for about 20 minutes. For you and your fiancé, this 20 minutes will fly by like the click of your fingers!
  • Where are you located?
    I am located in Swan Hill and love helping locals get hitched, but I am also more than happy to travel to help couples have a wonderful ceremony!
  • Do you travel for wedding services?
    I am more than happy to travel to wherever I am needed for a wedding ceremony but there will be travelling costs added to your quote, but I will of course explain this to you. If I have to travel for a long distance I usually travel the night before so I am available for a rehearsal. I also take along my mipro system so we can have music and microphones at any remote or central location as my system does not require power, instead it runs on batteries.
  • Do we need to write our own vows?
    No, you don't need to write your own vows if you don't want to, but I am here to guide you with this task if you do want to write your own vows. I can help you with the wording and also have lots of examples for inspireation or for you to pick from if you don't wish to write your own.
  • Do we have a rehearsal the night before?
    A rehearsal isn't compulsory but definitely advisable as this is the time that we work out the finer points of the proceedings such as where you will all stand, what order everyone walks in, at what stage during the entrance song does the bridal party begin walking and so on. I find that a rehearsal is definitely worth it because it ensures that everyone knows what they are doing and when, which enables the ceremony to run very smoothly.
  • Can you customise our wedding to suit us? We’re not very romantic people!
    Definitely! When you choose me as your celebrant we will discuss what your preferences are for your ceremony and I will create it to suit your needs and tastes, not mine or ceremonies that you have seen on tv. I have almost been a celebrant for 400 weddings and not one of them has been a duplicate of anyone else's as we are all individuals with our own tastes, dreams and requests.
  • What needs to be included in our ceremony to be legally married?
    You will need to say your vows after I have said the monitum and you must sign all the relevant documents, but you don't need to worry about this as that is what I'm here for! You just need to enjoy your day as the other aspects of the ceremony are just as important as the legal components as they are the symbolic gestures that depict what a marriage is about.
  • What do I need to bring when we come to see you?
    Once you decide that you would like me to be your celebrant we will have a meeting. You will need to bring along either your FULL birth certificate or current passport. I will also need to see your drivers licence and if you have been married before I will need evidence of why your previous marriage ended, for example, relevant divorce or death certificate.
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